About us.

Know the Headbangers Haven team. Who are we? And what do we do?

About Headbangers Haven

Headbangers Haven is a online metal/rock based magazine containing reviews, interviews, write-ups and more. The Headbangers Haven team works hard to bring you a new issue every month.

The HH Team:


Ben Reidy

I’m Ben, I am the founder of this magazine and I do literally everything, from reviews to interviews to write-ups. My favorite sub genres are prog metal and death metal.


Marvin Wassink

My name is Marvin Wassink. I design the magazine and everything else that is going to be published. I also build the website and sometimes I also do a  review or an interview. 


Harsh Dhanwani

Hey Lads, I am Harsh! I manage the Instagram page. I listen to a lot of different kinds of music and my favorite genres are Black Metal, Death Metal and Doom metal.


Ben Thibert

I am Ben (Bear) a writer for Headbangers Haven. I dig thrash, death, heavy and NWOBHM. I’ll mostly be writing reviews about my favorite albums, so stick around!


Barrett Lindsay Botton

I’m Barrett, I was one of the most recent original members to join back when it started. I love thrash metal, metalcore and death metal. I love to do album reviews but also interviews!


Abi G

Hi, I’m Abi my favorite subgenres are doom/sludge, death metal, thrash metal and traditional heavy metal. I mainly write reviews.


Jack Abel

Hello lads and lasses, I am Jack and I am one of the original members. I am also a writer. My favorite sub genre is Nu metal.


Alex Thomas

Hello, I’m a new member called Metalopinionsandrankings or Alex and I listen to a lot of discographies and once I’m finished with a band I ranked their albums with some album reviews by the band.



Hey I am Max, I write reviews, mostly of Thrash because its my favorite genre. Ive been in the magazine since the beginning and I am proud to be here.



Hey lads. It’s Monsters! I post a variety of different content on my page ranging from Album Reviews to Contests to Story Brackets! I listen to a lot of different kinds of music and am very accepting of different genres as I love to discover new things to listen to all the time! Hope you guys will enjoy the stuff I’ll be doing here! It’s gonna be a fun time!


Charbel Salameh

Greetings to all, I am Charbel Salameh, a passionate writer and metalhead that seeks to expand everyone’s interest in all things metal. While my preference in music subgenres usually lies in the more extreme, progressive and experimental variations of metal, I always aim to open the door for underground bands to enter the spotlight. So if you’re a member in a band, or simply a supporter of someone else’s, don’t hesitate  to contact the team so I can take a look at what you got to offer and possibly write something about you if its worth it.