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Know the Headbangers Haven team. Who are we? And what do we do?

About Headbangers Haven

Headbangers Haven is an online metal/rock based magazine containing reviews, interviews, write-ups monthly articles like the Underground Watch, Deeper cuts and more. 

Every month we work hard to bring you new metal and rock content. We also want to keep you up to date on anticipated releases and news around metal and rock albums on our Instagram. We’ve also untroduced the HH Blog where we bring you stories on hot and interesting topics.



Ben Reidy

My name is Ben, and I am the founder of the magazine. My music taste expands to all genres, but my roots will always lie in metal, and writing for the magazine always helps bring me back to the genre. I am always discovering new bands, and I enjoy writing about them in the magazine, as well as some old favourites. My specialities in metal lean towards Death Metal and Black Metal.


Marvin Wassink

I am Marvin Wassink, the creative force behind our digital presence. I create the magazines and some of the social media posts. Additionally, I have created the website and manage everything that will be published on it. Sometimes I conduct an interview or I write a review.


Jack Abel

Hello lads and lasses, I am Jack and I am one of the original members. I am also a writer. My favorite sub genre is Nu metal.


Abi G

Hi, I’m Abi my favorite subgenres are doom/sludge, death metal, thrash metal and traditional heavy metal. I mainly write reviews.


Alex Thomas

Hello, my name is Alex Thomas or you may know me as Metalopinionsandrankings. My favourite genres of metal are Black Metal and Brutal Death Metal. I occasionally do write-ups but my main focus are writing spotlights for underground bands.


Josh Mastiff

My name is Josh Mastiff and I’m a blogger in the team. Driven by curiosity and a love for metal, I’ve entertained quite a few thoughts about the art, from argumentative criticisms to formulating hypotheses on why I love the dissonance. Also, I engage in the art, playing guitar and doing vocals for Cerbenine



Hey there, my name is Ty and I am new to Headbangers Haven. I will be primarily writing album reviews and my favourite metal genres are thrash, heavy metal, and all kinds of different death/black metal subgenres (i.e. death-doom and black ‘n roll). I am always looking for new heavy tunes to sink my teeth into so stay tuned if you want to hear what I think about the big album releases as well as find out about some new/lesser-known, but equally awesome bands!


Charbel Salameh

Greetings to all, I am Charbel Salameh, a passionate writer and metalhead that seeks to expand everyone’s interest in all things metal. While my preference in music subgenres usually lies in the more extreme, progressive and experimental variations of metal, I always aim to open the door for underground bands to enter the spotlight. So if you’re a member in a band, or simply a supporter of someone else’s, don’t hesitate  to contact the team so I can take a look at what you got to offer and possibly write something about you if its worth it.


Denis Malushaj

I am Denis and since May 2022 a writer in the team of Headbangers Haven. I dig the genres Black Metal, Progressive Metal, Mathcore and anything that’s interesting to my ear like Avantgarde stuff. I’m also doing on my IG page tier lists, recommendations and reviews of the bright spectrum of (metal) music. Feel free to check it out!

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