Welcome to the Headbangers Haven Blog – an introduction by Ben Reidy and Josh Mastiff

Greetings from the Headbangers Haven Headquarters!

In our arduous effort to create a community for all metalheads, the team here is glad to finally launch the Headbangers Haven Blog for all you metalheads to explore. The blog has been in the works for quite some time, and we are finally unveiling it in all its bareness for you to witness. The blog has been crafted keeping in mind the limitations that a standard magazine poses to the outlet of ideas. With careful curation aligning with expectations and overall, the long work hours that goes into the creation of a magazine, it is our aim to bring more regular content to you readers. The magazine is for you to make an informed choice about what bands and artists you waste your valuable times on. The blog will present ideas about the music, issues surrounding the culture we create and also, bring you historical facts about the art that you hold so dear to your heart.

Get to Know the Writers

Ben Reidy

My name is Ben Reidy, and I am the founder of Headbangers Haven. Having seen the growth of the magazine for two years now, I feel that it is essential to ambitiously try new ideas and let our creative minds flourish. Marvin (our website/magazine designer) and I have been working with our new colleague, Josh, to create an area of the website which expands beyond the magazine itself. I am beyond excited to write for our brand new blog! I have a substantial range of interests that I will bring to the blog. Firstly, I have an interest in history, and how bands change and develop over time. This may be evident in my band write-ups which some of you may have seen, but I intend to venture beyond the music into the lifestyles of bands and musicians. Additionally, I have a keen interest in politics and social issues, and how both relate to Rock and Metal music. If you read my article on sexism and misogyny in Rock and Metal music, you would understand my viewpoint. I believe that it is important to use social platforms to bring about awareness. However, if social issues are not an interest of yours, do not panic, as I will be evenly balancing this with other lighter and more positive topics. Our long-term intentions of the blog remain unclear, as we have not yet started posting articles. However, we hope to give something to our most dedicated readers that crave material between the publishing of our magazine issues.

Josh Mastiff

My name is Josh Mastiff, and I am the newest addition to the roster here at the Headquarters. Being a fan of the magazine since its inception, I decided to try my fortune and I applied for a vacancy. I am grateful to be here now, and I am very excited to write for the blog as an extension to the creative ideas within the community. I have an intricate web of interests that I will bring to the table. Primarily, my interest lies in the history of the development of music culturally and sonically and also in the philosophy of the artform, what is it in sequential notes that awakens within us such strong emotions? I will focus on the development of certain genres and bands, what changed in their sound that brought about innovation and revolution, and what it meant for the larger culture. Also, as an artist playing in a metal band, I hope to give valuable insight into the creative process that goes into the craft and acquaint you with the struggles that artists face. A tip for the musicians out there can be expected from time to time.

Putting Everything Into Perspective

Hopefully, you now know what to expect from the blog after this brief interface. As our founder Ben said, the ultimate goal for the foreseeable future is not clear. But what is clear is our desire to provide for the metalheads who drive our community. Our readers who endorse us, issue after issue, year after year, we thank you!

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